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Testimonials about Kathleen O'Donohue

I have benefited over my life from many types of body awareness practices, yoga, physical therapy, etc., but the Gokhale Method has added a piece of the puzzle that I have been missing. The technique is something I use throughout my day in all my activities, from sleeping to walking. It helps me find the posture that... Read More

Nancy Finley, PhD; Huntsville, AL

For the first time in many years, I feel optimistic that I have a way to alleviate the pain I've been experiencing. Kathleen is a wonderful teacher - patient, generous, encouraging. I'm so grateful to her for introducing me to the Gokhale Method.

Merissa Tobler; potter; Sewanee, TN

I was very grateful to have Kathleen as teacher. While the Gokhale Method course and book are beautifully designed to make learning easy, Kathleen enhanced the application of the methods by her mastery of observation, listening, and knowledge. She gently helped me recognize my areas of weakness and coached me in ways... Read More

Barb Parks; Instructional Systems Design, Ret.; Huntsville, AL

The Gokhale Method has led me not only to reduced pain, but also a much greaterawareness of how posture and body movement can either reduce or increasepain. One of the best features of the Method for me, is that Gokhale is not a"work out" or therapy session. It is proper standing, sitting, bending, and even... Read More

Sarah Doyi; Sabbath Smiles joyous dog training; Cowan, TN

A few weeks ago I completed the Foundations Course of the Gokhale Method with Kathleen O'Donohue as my teacher/guide. I have pursued many avenues in my own health and wellness maintenance and after reading about the Gokhale approach I knew it was the one area where I was lacking. Kathleen O'Donohue was an... Read More

G. Sanford McGee; artist; Sewanee, TN

I call Kathleen my personal posture trainer. (I took the Foundations Course with her 1-on-1.)I had chronic back pain and no matter what I tried, nothing helped. I couldn't even swim without pain. After 6 sessions with Kathleen, my pain is reduced and less frequent. But more importantly, Kathleen taught me how to... Read More

Claiborne Brown, Marketing Research, Los Altos, CA