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Alumni Classes

The experience of our many alumni shows that ongoing practice, as well as learning new and advanced methods, make the experience of the Gokhale Method Foundations Course even more valuable.

Following the recommendations of our alumni, we offer a program that is offered only to our alumni. This program gets updated over time as we discover what offerings are most effective. Our current offerings include:

Hands-on Alumni Classes
These classes offer refresher training and introduce new and advanced techniques.  To ensure the quality of instruction and provide personalized attention, they limited to a maximum of 8 students. Hands-on classes can be taken with any qualified Gokhale Method teacher.

Online University Video Library
The library includes several posture video lessons. Each lesson focuses on a specific topic such as Beyond Stacksitting, Cooking With Healthy Posture, Foot Health, Yoga with Healthy Posture, Samba With Good Posture, and so on. The video lessons are designed to help you maintain, hone and grow your skills in various contexts. There is no restriction on when and how often you watch the video lessons within your one year subscription.

Online Chats with Esther Gokhale
Twice a month, you are invited to a group chat with Esther: Alumni may initiate the discussion on subjects that are important to them.  Any topic related to posture is welcome.

Our Online University Video Library is divided into two sections:

In order to access our Continuing Education classes and the Online University Video Library, please log in first.