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Initial Consultations

An initial consultation is a good place to begin your posture journey, especially if you have a complex history of musculoskeletal or health problems. You will receive a comprehensive evaluation of your current posture and how it relates to problems you may be having, a projection of what structural changes are possible, and some key ideas and practices to help you improve your structure immediately and long-term.

Cost (one 45-minute lesson):

  • US: $180
  • With Esther Gokhale: Call 1-844-777-0440 for availability and rates
  • Other countries: click here

To make an appointment, please contact a teacher near you or call 

Cancellation policy

Resident teacher (one-on-one instruction)

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There are currently no active teachers in your area. Try an Online Initial Consultation with Esther or one of our online teachers.

Online Initial Consultation

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