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Barb Parks' testimonial about Kathleen O'Donohue

I was very grateful to have Kathleen as teacher. While the Gokhale Method course and book are beautifully designed to make learning easy, Kathleen enhanced the application of the methods by her mastery of observation, listening, and knowledge. She gently helped me recognize my areas of weakness and coached me in ways that allowed me to more easily reach my goals. I came away confident in my ability to apply the methods. As a result of her training, I have made transformative changes that have eased or erased long-term pain and improved the quality of standing, sitting, sleeping, and mobility. Kathleen is patient, kind, intuitive, and totally supportive. She thoroughly covered all the content and, at the same time, made me feel as though the course was tailored to me to achieve the greatest personal benefit.

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Barb Parks; Instructional Systems Design, Ret.; Huntsville, AL

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