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Claiborne Brown's Testimonial about Kathleen O'Donohue

I call Kathleen my personal posture trainer. (I took the Foundations Course with her 1-on-1.)

I had chronic back pain and no matter what I tried, nothing helped. I couldn't even swim without pain. After 6 sessions with Kathleen, my pain is reduced and less frequent. But more importantly, Kathleen taught me how to correct my walking, sitting, and head positioning whenever I catch myself slipping back into old habits.


All Kathleen cares about is you understanding and learning. She's not like other instructors we've all had — the ones that just want to show off how much THEY know. Not with Kathleen. With Kathleen you get patient instruction. You really learn it all and feel confident at the end.


Testimonial Author: 

Claiborne Brown, Marketing Research, Los Altos, CA

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