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Corporate Offerings

Since healthy posture is a cultural matter, the workplace offers an especially rich opportunity to improve people’s musculoskeletal health. Frequent interaction, a common posture vocabulary, and easy-to-provide touch points and reminders are the reasons we have been particularly successful in transforming corporate health profiles.

Past appearances at:

Our teachers have conducted one-hour workshops in numerous corporations and more extensive offerings at large companies such as Google, IDEO, Varian Medical Systems, and Facebook as well as small companies such as Johnston Millwork, McCarthy Law Office, and Mimosa Systems. No place is too big or too small for us.

For more details, or to create a custom offering, please contact us at [email protected].

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1-Hour Workshop

In this one-hour offering, a qualified Gokhale Method teacher will present on Healthy Posture at Work. You will learn to sit, stand, and move in health-enhancing ways.

This workshop includes our brand-new SpineTracker wearable technology as a demonstration tool to clarify techniques.

This offering is suitable for an audience of any size and can also be conducted as an online teleconference. Contact for pricing.

1-Day Pop-up

In this one-day offering, a Gokhale Method teacher will present No More Aches and Pains, to help your team immerse in breakthrough posture techniques to get to the root of back and joint pain. Additionally, you will learn how to use posture to boost your confidence and credibility.

There will be activities for participants, as well as integrated use of our new SpineTracker wearable as an aid in learning and practicing techniques.

Each participant receives:

  • PDF copy of 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back
  • Streamable version of "Back Pain: The Primal Posture™ Solution"
  • Stretchsit® Cushion
  • 30-minute private online followup session with a Gokhale Method teacher

This offering accommodates up to 20 people. Contact for pricing.

1/2-Day Expo

This offering consists of the 1-hour open workshop (Healthy Posture at Work) followed by 2 hours of 1-on-1 consultations with a Gokhale Method teacher.

Private consultations include baseline readings with SpineTracker wearable technology and recommendations for posture techniques that can be implemented immediately.

The workshop is suitable for an audience of any size. Contact for pricing.