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Just started - feeling 'pinching' pain in lower back

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03/26/2024 - 5:52am
Just started - feeling 'pinching' pain in lower back

Hello all, 

I have just bought 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back and am excited to get started. I read the introductory pages last night and began Stretchsitting this morning for about 30 minutes (while watching Esther's presentation at Google in 2008).  Afterwards I felt amazing and experienced an extraordinary desire to just laugh out loud for several minutes! 

But, fun though that was, that's not why I'm posting here.  For the rest of the morning I have been conscious of a pinching sensation in my lower back, between the waist and coccyx.  It may be helpful to confirm that I have never had to consult a medical professional about lower back pain.  I have felt this sensation very occasionally in the past, for example if I do a yoga pose (like cobra) wrongly.  So I'm thinking:  1) did I do it wrongly?  2) did I do it for too long, for my first session? 3) is this because some muscle strength is lacking, and if so which of the exercises would be beneficial to focus on?  

I am sitting on a folding chair which looks like the one in the book. It has a gap at the back.  The back support is at the right height for stretchsitting.  I have ordered a stretchsit cushion which will arrive tomorrow.  I am in the UK, in case there are any suitable online workshops being held (ie: timing, language) - I checked the schedule but couldnt' see anything. 

With best wishes


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08/20/2010 - 8:19pm

Hello Alice,

Many thanks for your questions about stretchsitting, and I'm glad to hear you have a stretchsit® cushion on its way to you :-) To your questions:

1) The fact that the pinching sensation you describe also occured in cobra suggests that you might be swaying your lower back, i.e., hyperextending. Make sure you are not pushing your bottom back and then leaning back around the backrest. Try sliding your bottom forward somewhat in the chair. 

2) It could be that you stretchsat for too long, or perhaps with too much stretch for a first time. Do less. First, pay close attention to just getting a good shape in the chair, then add traction gradually over a few days. If muscles are tight they can need time to adjust, so proceed gently and do the lengthening steps slowly. Use the videos on our product page to guide you.

3) It is possible that you are unwittingly tensing your back muscles (erector spinae) and swaying as you move yourself back onto the back rest. This is a common mistake, see page 40. Remain rounded forward when you press down against the seat to lengthen, and also as you go back, aiming your mid back to the backrest. If this is difficult you likely need to locate and strengthen your rib anchor muscles, see page 198.

I am in the UK, in Bristol, if that is local to you? I will be teaching a free online workshop on Sunday April 14 at 11am BST (UTC+1) and you can sign up here—you would be so welcome—or email me at [email protected]

Hope that helps!

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