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Using the Stretchsit Cushion in a folding camp chair..

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08/07/2021 - 6:32am
Using the Stretchsit Cushion in a folding camp chair..

If we're not engeged in movement, my partner and I, who are relatively new to the Method, try to mostly stacksit, or at least stand. 

Maybe it's because our stacksitting could use some work, but we both find it's not an ideal position to fully relax in; stretchsitting seems more correct for the application.

Is the Stretchsit Cushion possible to use with camping chairs of any variety? Or perhaps is there a different position someone would suggest for relaxing around a fire?

Thanks much.




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10/29/2013 - 4:01pm


I am so glad you have discovered the Gokhale Method!

Here are some ideas that might be helpful:

If a chair is saggy, try placing a towel or a blanket over the back rest to give some structure/firmness to the back rest before you attach the Stretchsit Cushion.

If a chair is made out of nylon or plastic or any other slippery surface, try this:

Loop the cushion's straps around chair's back legs and drape it over the backrest. Then hold on to the cushion, keep pushing it down as you lengthen against it and don't let go of the cushion until you have lengthened your back and attached yourself to it. 

Stacksitting is all about positioning the pelvis well so that the back can be upright and you-relaxed. You will need a wedge to sit on and some tweaking with external leg rotation, Rib Anchoring, correct shoulder and head and neck positioning,- check out the section in our Forum on Stack Sitting. It can be learned but it takes some training.

If you would like to stretch out in front of the fire, I would recommend Strechlying on the back, semi-reclining.  Here are the links to the articles with tips how to do it well:

Reading without pain


How to sit on a Sofa with Good posture


 Instead of a sofa, you can use your backpack.

Happy and safe camping!



Gokhale Method teacher, Chicago


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