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Uneven antervertion? Raise one side of wedge temporarily?

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3 years 2 weeks ago
04/25/2021 - 12:24pm
Uneven antervertion? Raise one side of wedge temporarily?

Hello everyone,
Thanks for this forum it is really helpful!

I have been dealing with left (gradually worsened over time) hip, buttock, leg and backpain (nothing wrong with my back and pelvis according to specialists and mri) for 8 years now. After 18 physiotherapists and everything else you can think of, I came across the Gokhale method and bought the book. Love it so far and already feel small benefits after a couple of days! Can't wait for my stretch-pillow to arrive!

Question: I always have the feeling that my left pelvis does not want to antevert as much (yet) as the right side. Looking at my back in the mirror I find about 2cm asymmetry in the 'lower back dimples', left is lower and my top left buttock seems lower as well. i know I should not focus on the asymmetry as much, but thought I mention it.

Could you temporarily raise the wedge for one side? I tried and it does seem to make it more comfortable ( i feel muscles go out of spasm more), but I do not want to end up creating more problems for myself of course!
So is this an idea for in the beginning or better not?

Thanks! Have a nice day! 
Saskia, Netherlands

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2 days 20 hours ago
04/08/2015 - 6:54am

Hello Saskia,

Apologies for having somehow missed your question!  Now that I've read it, I'll respond as best I can, but it's very difficult to give advice to someone without having seen them.  There are many reasons that you might be experiencing the pain and I am not trained in diagnosis.  I do know, however, that good posture can only help better functioning in the body and often does diminish pain.  I also have a marked difference in my left and right sides.  My personal belief is that if a raised wedge on one side eases your spasms, using it is not a bad idea.  You might find over time, as you modify your posture, that you need it less and less, and can lessen the difference between the right and the left wedge.  I'm glad to hear that the book is helping you already and I suggest, if at all possible, to do the Foundation Course, as there is nothing like hands-on work with a qualified teacher to help you learn the material and correct any errors.  I hope this has helped and best of luck on your posture journey!

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