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Lang Liu

Lang Maria Liu is a martial artist, dancer and healer. She has been teaching Brazilian capoeira for over fifteen years and is a passionate advocate of this community-based, transformative art form. 

In her thirties, Lang discovered that she had a right-hip condition (FAI) from birth that limited her range of motion and created pain patterns in her body. Rather than give in to the doctors' hasty prognoses that she would need a hip replacement within ten years and should stop her active lifestyle, Langembarked on a journey to Asia in search of healing tools. During the two years that she spent in an osteopathic clinic in India, she learned a dynamic stretching technique from Manipur (north-eastern India) and saw improvements for the first time in decades. She soon stumbled upon Esther Gokhale’s book, “Eight Steps to a Pain Free Back”, and knew that she had found a crucial piece of the puzzle. Having lived both in Brazil and in India, Lang had long suspected the impact of Western lifestyles on posture and health, so she was eager to learn a method that provided lasting solutions to the epidemic of back and joint pain plaguing the West. 

As a passionate advocate of healthy living and the environment, Lang bases her approach on the mind-body connection. She is eager to help others heal their bodies so that they can live more joyful and free lives. Lang offers Gokhale Method Foundation courses in Toronto, Canada. She is also completing a Bowen Therapy certificate, as well as training in Bob Cooley’s Resistance Stretching technique popularized in his book, “The Genius of Flexibility”. 


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Toronto, ON, Canada

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