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Shoulder Roll Veiny Arms

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2 years 2 months ago
07/23/2021 - 2:33pm
Shoulder Roll Veiny Arms

Hi, my arms and hands become veiny when I do the shoulder roll. I rest my shoulders and and put my hands on my lap, out pop the veins. When I lift my shoulder blades up a little, my veins go back down. I cannot comfortably hold this position for long. Have any teachers encountered this before? Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this?

Rachel Margaret
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1 week 5 days ago
08/26/2018 - 4:08am


No, I haven't encountered this with myself or any of my students. Have you had any issues or injuries related to your shoulders? 

I suggest you try the smallest shoulder roll movement that you can, and see if it still causes this problem. If not, stay with the very small movement for a while, then gradually and gently increase the shoulder roll movement very slightly over time, listening to your body. Don't do something that is uncomfortable or hurts you.

Rachel Margaret, Gokhale Method Teacher

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3 months 1 day ago
11/23/2023 - 8:12am
  1. Posture and Ergonomics:

    • Ensure your seating and desk setup are ergonomic. Poor posture or uncomfortable positions can impact blood flow.
  2. Movement Breaks:

    • If you're in a stationary position for a prolonged period, take short breaks to stretch and move your arms and shoulders.
  3. Stay Hydrated:

    • Dehydration can affect blood volume, potentially impacting vein visibility. Make sure you're adequately hydrated.
  4. Warm-Up Exercises:

    • Gentle warm-up exercises for your hands and arms may help improve circulation before engaging in activities that lead to prominent veins.
  5. Seek Professional Guidance:

    • If the issue persists or causes discomfort, it's essential to consult with a paper writing service online, such as a doctor or a physical therapist, for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate advice.
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