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8 Steps to a pain freeback book query

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3 years 11 months ago
04/05/2013 - 7:54pm
8 Steps to a pain freeback book query

 Hi there. My name is Dave, I am a 63yr old male 75kg relatively fit and in good health. I have worked mainly in a manual job most of my working life. I have recently had an MRI and CT scan.

CT report says:1 Lumbar Scolosis. 2 A relatively narrow bony spinal canal. 3 Moderate dural sac stenosis at L4/5 4 A shallow  central disc protrusion at L5/S1 superimposed in a generalised disc bulge without direct nerve root impingement. 5 Shallow disc bulges above L4/5. 6 Multilevel facet joint degeneration. 

MRI report says: 1 Shallow lumbar scollosis. 2 Shallow disc bulge at L2/3 and 3/4 with disc desication at the latter. 3 Moderate degenerative change in the L4/5 disc with a broad disc bulge and a far right lateral disc protrusion abutting the exiting right L4 root. 4 Modest dural sac narrowing, not significant and subarticular recess narrowing at the take off of the L4roots and the L5 roots. 5 Modest facet joint degeneration.


I have recently aquired a copy of 8 steps to a pain free back and have received some physio instruction, and earlier had chiropractic treatment. Have done 2 days of stretchsitting, ordered your cushion and a free internet workshop. I am finding possitive  changes happening to my right lower back, hip, buttock, leg, groin pains. Had very small changes from physio. Back  and side stretchlying tend to aggravate things. 

Really pleasing results thank you. Question: Do I need to do more stretchsitting before carrying on with programme?

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9 min 42 sec ago
09/10/2008 - 8:36pm

My guess is you can proceed with the program, but it needs to be done correctly. If stretchsitting was helpful, it's likely stretchlying would be too if you did it correctly. For many people this takes hands-on guidance and feedback. This is an approach with more nuance than may appear. Just as you go to a professional to do your PT an chiro (albeit with not great results in your case), it makes sense to see a professional for posture guidance also. Sometimes, I hope I haven't done the public a disservice by, in the process of making the techniques understandable, giving the impression that they are easy to do. The truth, not surprisingly, is that sitting well - or bending - or walking - is no easier than hitting a golf ball well. 

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