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My Story and where i am heading!

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11 years 4 months ago
03/22/2013 - 8:39pm
My Story and where i am heading!

Hey there,


Just wanted to five a brief background on my back pain and what i am doing to help it 


About 6 years ago i pulled one of my lower back muscles doing bicep curls and it hurt prett bad.  I saw a chiropractor for a couple of years but never actually got a solid diagnosis on what happened.


I have always had pretty sloppy posture like most of my friends i know who are tall and skinny.


Now i am 21 and since the injury i have constantly re-injured my lower back in the same area and the pain would come back for weeks or more at a time.  Recently it has happened and (this is kind of embarassing) is affecting my intimate life with my girlfriend and is causing me even more inflammation.


I want to take care of this issure PERMANENTLY because i know if left unattended by the time i am 40 it will be much worse,


Just started applying a lot of methods from the book and i have had great results so far (i just finished chapter 3).  I do feel that for permanent relerif i am also going to have to strengthen the muscles of the lower back and abdomen.


Any tips are appreciated.



Norm Brekke
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6 years 6 months ago
11/15/2012 - 12:51pm

Hey Nick

You are definitely on the right track, and I applaud you for beginning to apply to principles in "8 Steps to a Pain-Free" back. As you progress, the evidence of change will grow on a daily and weekly basis.

As you look forward, lesson five will help you develop and strengthen your inner corset, stretching and giving some protection to your spine.  There are also some great exercises in the back of the book, some of which help strengthen the deep muscles of the back.

As in all things, move slowly and carefully to move from where you are to where you want to be.

Norm Brekke, Gokhale Methods Teacher, Minneapolis, MN

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