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using weight on head

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7 years 4 months ago
05/12/2014 - 1:35pm
using weight on head

I noticied that for head pillow for top of head it says for short periods of time.  Let me explain what going on. 

I started to do a weighted pack walk.  I saw your video, and there was a part in it

of a man in Brazil walking with something on his head and it clicked in my head about how important head possition

is.  I incoporated this in my pack walk, 3 miles with a 15lb weight vest using a 2 1/2lb weight plate for head with results being

incredible.  Question is I just got book and am starting from begining and was wondering if it is okay to use this more

or if it should be used only for short periods as it says?  Will be increasing weight by 5lbs every 3-4 weeks and have also used 

in other excersices i do, squats, weighted back squats, just walking around home, wherever its possible.  It seems to create

perfect posture, seems to stack your spine correctly as well as create this lift from rib cage to head and when taking weight off

its like I'm floating.  Just wondering if I'm on right path.  Or should stick to order of lessons and what I feel is not right?

Great book perfect find at this point in my life.  Let me know if you guys ever get to Hawaii with classes.


Sophie Rubin
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7 years 5 months ago
05/03/2016 - 11:39am

Hi there Tuba, 

It sounds like you're quite fit! 

We want people to take it slow because for many, the changes that we are suggesting to the physical structure can be quite dramatic. For example: going from having your arms all the way in front of your torso to lining up with the back, keeping a flat back and settling into your pelvis when you bend over, and elongating the neck so that you actually look out of your eyes from a different angle. Even without weights, these modifications can create backlash from muscles and tendons that are being asked to move after so long in a single position. 

Although it sounds like you are starting from a very strong point, with a good understanding of how to stack your vertebrae, we would suggest the same for you: take it slow. If you're really keen on strengthening your neck by adding weight to your head, just add the weight slowly over a long period of time so that you are sure your muscles can handle it. Neck injuries are not fun! 

If you're still interested in classes, check out our teacher Paul, who is based in Kihei: http://gokhalemethod.com/biography/Paul_Parsons

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