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Putting on shoes, pants, shorts, etc.

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Putting on shoes, pants, shorts, etc.
Dear Esther, I'm beginning to feel like I should be propping up my feet to a height that will allow me to bend from the hip while seated in order to put on shoes.  It seems that would make my back very happy. I'm still putting on shorts, pants, and skirts the old way - bending over with a rounded back.  Do you have any brilliant ideas for these scenerios?  I can do it the old way without pain, but I have had times in the past where these actions really hurt my lower back since my body was in poor condition and my posture was pretty bad. Lemontree
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09/10/2008 - 8:36pm
The new way you propose sounds much, much better than the old way. Rounding the back while bending is where people get into the most trouble.
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