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Dina Wittfoth

If you want to alleviate back pain, you need to transform your movement habits! This clear and compelling message was what got Dina immediately hooked on the Gokhale Method when she read the newly published German edition of ‘8 steps to a Pain-Free Back’. 

Since childhood Dina was a physically active person with a strong background in dance, yoga and fitness. Nevertheless, she experienced recurring episodes of back and foot pain. In her early twenties she received inlays and was told to “work out more”. When this didn’t help she was basically told that there was nothing to be done about it and that she would have to live with it. A pretty bleak outlook, especially for someone so young… Coming across the Gokhale Method presented an excellent opportunity to raise this poor standard: experiencing the profound positive effects on her physical well-being ultimately led her on to become a Gokhale Method teacher.

Empowering people to transform their physical well-being is such an extraordinary experience. The combination of intellectual, physical and kinesthetic aspects is what makes the method so strong. Changing the way you move all day every day is so much more powerful than any work-out or physical activity could ever be. And the best thing is that you only need your own body to do this!

Dina’s class locations include her homebase Hannover as well as other cities across Germany (e.g. Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Nuremberg). If you would like to request a course in your town/country please contact her via email or mobile phone!

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Hannover, Germany

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