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Gokhale Elements

Gokhale Elements

The Gokhale® Elements Course is a bundle of 18 x 13-minute online lessons of personalized posture coaching.

Each lesson is designed to teach an "Element"; towards restoring your Primal Posture™ - the pain-free posture you were born with and that your ancestors enjoyed. Each Element builds on the ones put in place to make lasting, "life-changing" changes.


This "drip" approach to making behavioral change is proving to be particularly effective, and also extremely enjoyable. We recommend taking these short, crisp lessons every day or every other day. If you are very busy, you may spread them out more than that, but we caution against the mindset of feeling you should "master" an element before moving on to the next one.

"The language of movement..."

Learning posture is a lot like learning a language - the language of movement. Just as it would be folly to plan on becoming fluent in Lesson 1 of a French class before being willing to go on to the next lesson, in the Gokhale Method too, it is best to keep progressing forward and discovering depth in the connections between the parts. Incorporating this posture wisdom is like baking a special cake made up of various ingredients, which all do their part and work synergistically to create a beautiful result.