Hurt back doing stretchsitting?

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03/23/2017 - 11:47am
Hurt back doing stretchsitting?

I discovered the Gokhale method about a week ago and am really excited about it since I've been wanting to improve my posture.

3 days ago I was stretchsitting in my car - my sweater was damp due to rain and stuck really fast to my cushion, giving me more stretch than usual. After a bit I noticed the stretch was too intense and I felt some pain, so I stopped. But ever since I've had a pinching feeling and pain between several of my vertebrae in my mid and lumbar back, particularly near the point of contact with the cushion. I've never had any back pain before (I'm 30), now it hurts to do any forward bending or stretching at all. Is this normal or can I have injured my back stretchsitting? Any advice for what I can do?


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04/03/2015 - 6:23am

Hi Laura,

Take a break from stretchsitting for a week or two.  Perhaps you did get too big of a stretch and irritated some muscle attachments.  Once a muscle or its attachment point is inflamed, it needs to rest and heal.  Sit your usual way and very soon you will be able to try stretchsitting again.  If you can find a free workshop in your area you can have the teacher check your stretchsitting form to see if anything is amiss.  When you begin again, don't go for the biggest stretch....try to find a gentle, subtle amount of stretch for the back and make sure it is well tolerated. 


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