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uneven collar bone and flared lower ibs

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7 years 11 months ago
09/17/2014 - 1:40am
uneven collar bone and flared lower ibs

Hello, I am from Australia and i have purchased your book recently.

I am extremely concerned with the problems that i have... it began a while ago when i was sleeping on my left side which i used to favour and one time suddenly i felt and heard a cracking and my shoulder moved, and it still occurs to this day,

after that i noticed that my left collar bone protrudes slightly more than my right. im reffering to the ball shaped part that stops at the middle at the bottom of my neck. I have a sharp tension type pain in my shoulder/collar bone area when i run also.

And then even more recently i have noticed that my lower ribs are uneaven, my left lower rib flares out more than my right. i have always been concious of my ribs as they have always poked out and when i lie on my back they appear as two mounds on my body.

Is there anything i can do to fix this? What will the doctors tell me? 

I fear that it will get worse over time.

I am quite worried about this and i appreciate your time and expertise. thank you,


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2 weeks 5 days ago
12/05/2013 - 11:02am

Hello Helena-

Good for you reading the book!  Bones move and can make a noise called crepitus; it is usually harmless.  There is also some other noises from suction and air movement when separation in the bony areas occur; all normal.  The goal is to have less movement in some of those troublesome areas though.  Bones respond to muscular stresses.  Bone is a living matrix.  We develop new skeletons every 10 years or so.  There are good and not so good stresses that we can put on the bones.  Good posture will put good stresses on the bone and help develop say, a larger rib cage with more space for the lungs and oxygenation.  

Sometimes due to posture, we are not symetrical.  It does help to have a good handle on your posture and how to hold your shoulders and ribs.  I would encourage you to take the Foundations course to really get a teacher to help you with hands on teaching.

Best of luck-


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