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Amy Smith

Contact Information:
  [email protected]
Teaching Languages:
   McCormick, SC
  • Alumni of Amy Smith: "...an investment in myself...well worth it."
  • Tina Ory, Pilates Instructor & Physical Education teacher
    Amy takes such good care of you; she helps direct your posture in the right direction.Read more
  • Jean Kayser, MD
    Amy's style is encouraging, nonjudgmental, and fun -- I recommend this class to anyone trying to improve their posture and reduce/prevent pain in the future.Read more
  • Jeff McGee
    Amy is personable, attentive, and flexible. The Gokhale Method has been more helpful than anything I've ever tried; surgery, massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, or acupuncture. I've had back pain for 25 years and my pain is significantly less.Read more
  • Ellen M. Scarr, APRN-BC, FNP, WHNP, PhDClinical ProfessorCapstone Coordinator, Global Health Sciences MS ProgramUniversity of California, San Francisco
    Amy was knowledgable, her nursing background really complements Gokhale teaching. She is engaging and explains the techniques clearly. By the way, my back pain is SO much better!Read more
  • Ginny DiMaria: "I feel like a new person...I feel stronger."
  • Ligia Giese, MD: "I'm so glad I did."
  • Kevin McCarthy: "I don't have any pain now."
  • Clarice Malta, Alice Miller, and Rae Johnson: "It's been better than my expectations...worth every penny."
  • Perry Leung: "I really think Gokhale is the one way I can get my life back."
  • Carol McKenzie & Jeff Kohn: "I couldn't afford not to come to the class."
  • Nancy and Elaine: "I feel like my old self again."
  • Linda Johnson
    I just wanted to express my deep appreciation for the class this weekend. Although I know I have a long road ahead to correct my issues, I now feel I know how to do it, and I will! Sorry I had to leave early but I was late for another appointment. I was in a restaurant with my husband last night,...Read more
  • “…I’m really grateful that I found this.”...Read more
  • Rachel Jones “ I just think this method is so important…”
  • Phil Horsley, DDS
    Thank you again for putting on a great class this weekend. You provided so much information in a very easy to understand format. The hands-on was very effective and helped fine tune the different positions taught in the book. Essentially, you made everything from the book come to life and the...Read more
  • Alumni of Amy Smith "I thought it was wonderful!"
  • Kathleen, Joanne, and John: " I have much less pain!"
  • September 2017 Carlsbad Foundations Course Testimonial "I have not had any pain..."
  • Fiona Stewart, School Teacher
    I really enjoyed Amy's teaching approach, and I feel that with practice, my posture will improve quite considerably. I already feel much improved in the way I stand, walk, and lie down to sleep, and my upper back pain has lessened quite a bit...Read more
  • Shelley Merid "This has been a dramatic life change."
  • September 2018 Encinitas Foundations Course " Excellent lecture, good teacher, really good..."
  • October 2018 Moraga Foundations Course Testimonial "Much less pain!"
  • Kathie and Valerie "I'm so glad I learned this!"
  • May 2019 Foundations course "I'm feeling great and I'm feeling taller!"
  • Carlsbad Foundations Class "It really brought what was in the book alive for me."
  • Chloe Erskine
    Amy Smith is a healer. In my book, that is the highest compliment one can earn. She is wise, kind, patient, direct, practical, helpful and has a sense of humor, on top of all that! Without Amy's guidance in learning the Gokhale Method in person, all with proper precautions against COVID-19 in...Read more
  • Samantha "It's given me so much confidence."
  • Cecily "The changes are very simple...it's so productive."
  • Shelley "I loved the shoulder roll!"
  • November 2019 Foundations Course "My life changed in one week!"
  • David Samuels "I can't recommend it highly enough!"
  • Jan and Bernadette Testimonial: "Yes, I have less pain!"
  • Rose and Daniel Testimonial: "Thrilled to feel better, stronger and more upright!. . ."
  • Erika Bowman
    Hi Amy, It has been a year since we worked together, and I am so happy to report that I have been nearly symptom free this entire time! Whenever I have felt pain start to come back on, I know how to look at how I'm using my body and make adjustments. I am so grateful. Thank you for all that you...Read more


Amy was determined to ensure a successful spinal fusion after years of debilitating back and leg pain. She fell in love with her new posture and decided to embark on teacher training to hardwire the Gokhale Method. 

Combining her nursing skills with the Gokhale Method allows her to touch people and improve health. As a nurse, Amy appreciates the accuracy of the anatomy, physiology, and multi-modal approach to posture, pain relief, and fitness. Her background includes a BSN in nursing and a JD in law. She is licensed in California as a registered nurse and an attorney.

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