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Question about the front leg

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05/19/2023 - 12:13pm
Question about the front leg

Hello, I have been working with the book and I would like to check if I'm on the right track.

When I practice glidewalking, things happen in this order :

1. I extend my front leg from the groin and my heel lands on the ground softly and quietly, with a soft knee.
2. Right after that, my hamstrings engage, causing my heel to now press strongly down on the ground and my upper body to start moving forward.
3. As my trunk moves forward, my forefoot lands on the ground. Is this ok ? 

My concern is that I have read somewhere that walking should feel like lunging, but for me it doesn't feel like that at all, rather I feel like I'm climbing up horizontal stairs, or climbing my way forward if that makes sense. Sometimes it also feels like I'm hovering over my active leg.

Should I be aiming for a lunging action where I bend my front knee further upon landing ? Then the right order of actions for the front leg would be 1. Heel lands with a soft knee 2. Forefoot lands, knee softens further 3. Front hamstrings engage ? 

Sorry I hope this makes sense, thanks !