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Retroverted Pelvis

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14 years 3 months ago
08/23/2009 - 3:23pm
Retroverted Pelvis
So far I'm relying solely on the book, will vaguely intending to take the course if a threatened layoff next month gives me time. The book I've only scanned in it's entirety, but I read carefully though the first lesson.

Can you give any tips on identifying the correct position of my pelvis, especially while standing. A full-length mirror leaves me uncertain. Does the desired tilt happen when I clench my "cheeks" in back while tightening my abs inward? Didn't get this from the book. I'm recalling it from a years ago therapy session. In the mirror it seems to rotate my pelvis the wrong way bringing my front thighs forward and cheeks down and in.

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3 years 8 months ago
06/23/2009 - 2:42pm

A good way to settle your pelvis while standing is to do the little 'squat' as described in the tallstanding chapter.  This is done by bending your knees a little, and bending forward a little.  While in this squat, let gravity settle your pelvis where it wants to.  You can gently bounce a little loosen it up.  When your pelvis is nicely settled, come up to standing, though without locking your knees and groin.  You want a little give in each of those places. 

Standing is a difficult place to address pelvic position initially.  Stacksitting can be a much easier place to start, and I would recommend looking at that chapter. 

The desired 'tilt' should come from a muscle working -- however, good tone in the gluteus medius helps to keep the pelvis anteverted. 

I hope this helps,

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