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Petite woman in big American furniture

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3 years 8 months ago
02/24/2011 - 9:40am
Petite woman in big American furniture

I just found the book and read it cover to cover.  But I've been combing the website for answers to a big problem I have trying to get the stretchsitting to work.

I am five feet tall and most chairs are way too deep for me to get my feet to touch the floor- sometimes my knees don't even reach the end of the seat pan!.  When I try to do the stretchsitting I find this to be a challenging problem, especially due to the instructions to put feet in kidney-bean shapes on the floor.  Normally I carry around a small folding footrest to relieve pressure on the thighs and to keep my legs from pulling on my back.

For stacksitting, I imagine that this need not be a problem as (except at bar stools) I can perch on the edge of my seat anyway, but for stretchsitting I don't know what to do.

How do you suggest that people like myself deal with this?  Whether or not this has been an issue for anyone before, I am certain that many people would benefit from the answer.

And thanks for the book!  I love the anthropological approach to health.  What you say about lumbar support reminds me of what Daniel Howell says about arch supports in The Barefoot Book, where he argues that modern footwear is the cause of most foot ailments and advocates natural (ie, barefoot or close to it) walking full-time.  Following that advice dramatically reduced my foot pain, and I'm hoping that after this bit of help regarding the short legs, yours will do the same for my back.




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1 year 11 months ago
05/09/2011 - 4:59pm

Hi Sara - I run into the same problems sitting in the typical computer chairs issued at work (I'm 5'3") and finally purchased a child's computer chair from Staples. It was only $29.00 and I figured it was worth a try. It does fit me much, much better than anything I can get at work (my feet touch the floor while I sit all the way back in the chair), but I have found one negative aspect - there is a meshing back support (instead of a more substantial cushioned support) which unfortunately does not provide nearly as much support as I would like. I'm sure this is because it is a child's chair and is therefore not meant to hold the weight of an adult (although I only weigh 113lbs). Maybe if you use the stretchsit cushion on the back it might provide enough support.  Finally, Esther has just announced that her ergonomic chair is now available for sale!



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