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The "gap" between the lumbar spine and the bed...

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3 years 1 month ago
12/16/2009 - 1:24am
The "gap" between the lumbar spine and the bed...
Hello from wintery Sweden!

I received the book a couple of days ago and am so excited.
Stretchsitting and stretchlying (and being unsure of whether I am doing it right :)

However, I do THINK I am stretchlying the right way, but step 9 I am unsure of. I don't think my pelvis is overtucked, but my mattress sort of supports my lower back so there is no gap. And I don't feel much discomfort (more from stretching the neck).

I have tried this in two beds. On one bed I have a type of mattress that is similar to the tempurpedic, but on the other it is a normal firm bed with a thin firm mattress.

Is this a case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"? (It does feel as if I have to arch my back to get that gap) I have yet to fall asleep stretchlying, but maybe good things come to those who lie (stretch lie, that is) :-)

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11 hours 20 min ago
09/10/2008 - 8:36pm
Don't worry about there being no gap between your lumbar spine and the bed if you are feeling comfortable. The most important thing to get first is the extra length in your spine.

The absence of a gap behind your lumbar spine / sacrum and the mattress could be because your mattresses are soft / conforming enough that the gap has been filled by your mattress. Or it could be that you don't have much L5-S1 curvature yet (good things come to those who side stretchlie and stacksit). In my six session course, Gokhale Method Foundation, I teach stretchlying on the back without Steps 9 and 10 in the first session and present those as refinements in session 6. By Session 6, students understand pelvic anteversion and have usually increased their flexibility at L5-S1 and their ability to antevert the pelvis. In session 1, it can feel awkward and overwhelming. I only introduce it to students who overly tuck their pelvis as they dig their elbows into the bed to stretch and to students who don't find the end position entirely comfortable.

Good luck with this - you need a good sleeping position for those long Swedish nights!
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