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Purpose of wedge

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Purpose of wedge
Is the purpose of the wedge to maintain the pelvis in the forward position?

What would be indications that a person wouldn't need to use the wedge anymore?

It seems in the pictures to be only under the sitting bones.
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09/10/2008 - 8:36pm
Yes, the wedge helps lift your sit bones and therefore antevert (tip forward) your pelvis. You can create your own natural built-in wedge by using your gluteal muscles adequately (walking well is your natural opportunity to do this). You will also need to relax any tight muscles/ligaments in the groin region.  Ideally, your pelvis will default to a healthy position, but if you have been tucking your pelvis for years, give this a year or two to reset.

You'll know you are there if when you sit relaxed, your spine stacks well without any muscular tension or compression, and your spine moves easily up and down with your breath.
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