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When beginning to move leg forward -

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When beginning to move leg forward -
As one is contracting the buttock muscles, what does the foot do? I read in a post in the Foot Conditions forum you say to use the arch muscles (that was a helpful post to me) and your book shows also to do that. My question is, should a person use the front part of the foot to "push off" the ground, while arch muscles are contracted, or is it just using the arch muscles to assist the major action of the buttock muscles? I'm still having ball of foot pain/discomfort, and also sole of foot, so I'm really trying to figure out what on earth I'm missing.  (Wish I lived closer to CA or one of the locations you are visiting this year.) Thanks.
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09/10/2008 - 8:36pm
Just like with the buttock muscles, for the leg and foot muscles too there is an increasing contraction beginning shortly after the leg receives weight and progressing to maximize at pushoff. If your arch muscles have done their prep work correctly, then when you pushoff it won't be with the ball of the foot but more the big toe. This may be the missing piece for your ball of foot and foot sole problems.
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