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Glidewalking feels so good

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Glidewalking feels so good
My eleven year old son and I learned glidewalking at the same time as I described to him what I was trying to accomplish while we walked together.  I've been doing it for four weeks now and I can tell after a short walk, my muscles are tired from this new method, but it feels great.  My seven year old said it's like hiking instead of walking.  I'm really enjoying the GW and hope to increase the lengths of my walks as my muscles get stronger.
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6 hours 26 min ago
09/10/2008 - 8:36pm
Fabulous! I love your son's description of glidewalking. The descriptions I have used or heard from students include: like going up hill, skating, cross country skiing, going upstream or the "wedding walk" (with a train) - I like your son's contribution to the collection of descriptions.
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