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Kidney Beans Confusing to Me

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12 years 11 months ago
06/04/2011 - 7:51am
Kidney Beans Confusing to Me

On page 81, you say "position your feet into a kidney-bean shape." I found this confusing, and thought you meant the space between the two feet.  I think you mean "position your feet such that the area of each foot that contacts the ground is shaped like a kidney bean."  But I really am still not sure what is meant here. 


northumbe (not verified)
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In class we were taught to pretend like your big toe and 2nd toe were stuck to the ground. with your toes stuck down, ease your heel in (toward the space between your feet) just a bit. You should feel your foot flex just a little and notice that your knee now is positioned facing outward (away from the space between your feet) just a bit, rather than straight ahead. Keeping that foot in place do your other foot. toes stuck down, ease heel in, knee faces slight outward and taaa daa you now have kidney bean feet. It takes a few tries to figure out how it is supposed to feel. Once you feel like you have it be sure to shift your weight onto your heels, rather than on the front of your foot.

Norm Brekke
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6 years 4 months ago
11/15/2012 - 12:51pm


I realize that this post is a little delayed, but it may be of help to others also. The kidney bean shaped foot is actually the body's natural arrangement . .  just look at the footprints of any child.

To attain that shape several simple steps are followed:

  • Place your feet in front of you about hips-width apart
  • Plant the front of your feet firmly on the ground
  • Slightly elevate your heels, one foot at a time, and pivot your heel inward, allowing your knee to point outward, in the direction of the toes -- feet will be pointing about 10-15 degrees out.
  • As in all things, don't push it.  If it feels uncomfortable back off a bit.  Over time your foot will start to assume that shape.

I hope that this is helps a bit.

Norm Brekke, Gokhale Method Teacher, Minneapolis, MN

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