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12 years 2 weeks ago
05/05/2011 - 2:50am

i have only read the excerpt and watched your talk on google. i cannot wait to get my copy.

i have not read the book yet so i can not praise that yet although im sure i will.

my main praise is this forum. you are very genorous with information and advice you give out whic gives me even more incentive to buy the book, because you seem like you do actualy care and are not out to get a quick few £

one question though.

i love to weight lift... deadlifts, overhead presses, pushups.

i think that excercises like this would be an excellent advantage to use to cement the good new posture, but im not an expert just an interested layman ! what are your thoughts on weightlifting, if done corectly?



Kathleen Marie
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2 years 4 months ago
11/02/2010 - 7:05am

Hi Tom,

I think it would be good to determine which muscles are being strengthened by each type of lift.  For example, if you're strengthening the pecs, that may be detrimental because tight pecs may cause the shoulders to hunch forward and compress the brachial plexus.

I don't know enough about weightlifting to know which muscles they strengthen.  Strengthening the rectus abdominus would tend towards pelvic retroversion...not what you want.

If any of the lifting you do strengthens the gluteus medius, that would be excellent, as well as the transversus abdominus, internal and external obliques, the rhomboids. 

It would be good to keep the back of the neck long as you proceed...best of luck to you. Once you get the book, you'll learn more about the muscles that support good posture and the J spine.  Of course, taking a Gokhale Methods Foundations course will take you light years beyond the book.  I used the book for 6 months, then took the course in Feb 2011, and that made all the difference.



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