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Thank you!

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4 months 2 weeks ago
05/06/2009 - 10:54pm
Thank you!
First, thank you for the book and for this forum! The book is wonderful, and just the first two steps helped me greatly improve my relationship with my 2yo son, since now I don't need to tell him "I know you're tired of walking, but I can't carry you because my back hurts." In fact, just a few days ago I carried my 6yo on my back (he was barefoot and we needed to pass a thorny patch) and was surprised to find out how much lighter he became since I started doing the Gokhale method! I am slowly working my way through the book and have many questions, so this forum is a wonderful find for me. I think I better go one question at a time/post, though. As for general feedback on the book, I think it would be good if whenever anatomical term is mentioned there will a small sketch showing where/what it is. Something like that, for example: I found my self leafing to the appendix and then groping for an anatomy book to understand what is meant. Another small comment: In Page 192, the picture in the lower left corner is not numbered and captioned. (Though this probably doesn't bother anyone but editors...) I have to go now, but will come back later to post my questions. Thank you so much, Yonat.
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09/10/2008 - 8:36pm
It makes me so glad to hear that your kids are benefitting - and that you are too! Good work! Have you gotten to the inner corset chapter yet? That's something you really need if you are carrying kids... I like your idea of including small anatomical sketches to clarify the medical terms. Don't know that this book can stand to be any longer though. Maybe in the next book... The figure on page 192 seems to have floated away from where it belongs within fig. 8-12. Thanks for pointing it out.
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