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Adjustments to Office or Car

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3 months 3 weeks ago
06/08/2015 - 6:24am
Adjustments to Office or Car

I'm trying to be diligent about my Gokhale Method trainings, but I'm finding the devices I use regularly, mainly my car and office seat tend to be inadequate. Even with a stretch-sit cushion, my desk is too high so I have to raise my chair up and then my feet are dangling depriving me of a healthy Kidney Bean foot. I'm wondering what other people have done to adjust their car or office seats to allow them the possibility of healthy posture throughout the day.

If it helps, I already have the stretch-sit cushion, a miracle bamboo seat cushion which allows my car seat to be flat and hold my behind in correct positioning, and started today to put a flat box below my feet so I could ground myself and use my legs to engage the whole body.

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6 days 18 hours ago
12/05/2013 - 11:02am


You are on the right track and demonstrate that you understand the Gokhale Method concepts!  Kudos!

It sounds like you are doing everything correctly with the chair.  You may want to consider Esther's Pain Free chair which allows your feet to touch the ground.

The desk issue can be addressed with a standing style desk that has a cutout to allow you to move in close and keep your shoulders rolled back (you can shop for this idea, I just pulled this up, other Gokhale Method teachers have used this desk and like it):


and the bottom piece:


These items are nice as they allow your feet to touch the ground:



Good luck!

Amy Smith, Gokhale Method teacher

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