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legs on chair

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13 years 3 months ago
01/31/2011 - 10:29pm
legs on chair

for years I am used to sit with my legs on the chair (like one sits on the floor). I either cross my legs or put them to one side. I try to resist it but after a few minuits  I rais them again. Is it crucial that I change my habit or can I find a way to stacksit like this. I find it realy hard to change all my hapits.

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3 years 3 months ago
12/15/2010 - 7:51am

If I understand correctly, you would like to Stacksit cross-legged while in a chair.  This is entirely possible if: 

1. You use a wedge to help antevert your pelvis.

2. Your hips are flexible enough and your knees are healthy enough to bend this way.

Often people find sitting cross-legged while Stretchsitting more comfy then Stacksitting.  

Other tips that may be helpful:

-Try crossing your ankles rather than your legs-it can give the same level of comfort without compromising your pelvis.  

-Plant your feet on the floor and let the friction hold you in place while your knees open a bit-tracking well over the feet.


I hope you find this helpful.


-Charlene Hannibal

Gokhale Method Teacher, Palo Alto/San Francisco


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