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Warrior I pose - engagement of glutes

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8 months 2 weeks ago
08/13/2020 - 9:13am
Warrior I pose - engagement of glutes

Hello Gokhale Teachers!

Happy New Year! Yesterday Esther demonstrated the Warrior I pose during her 1-2-3-move program and after trying it myself I encountered a difficulty of engaging my rear back glutes.

This issue arises as soon as I split my legs "too far", there is a turning point where the glutes in the rear back just turn off and I cannot find a way to turn them on again. If I attempt to turn them on I just end up overextending/locking my knee - which is definitely not the way to go as it is uncomfortable and does not yield to a satisfying result.

I got hooked by this little problem, because this is something similar to what I experience when I practice Glidewalking at normal speed - the glutes just turning off and my body instinctively overextending the leg in order to try to activate the glutes.

I think this might be an important piece for my further posture development and I look forward to your answers!

Kind regards,


Jacob K.
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2 years 8 months ago
07/16/2018 - 1:46pm

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