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"Curved last" = Kidney Bean shoe?

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4 years 5 months ago
08/04/2016 - 9:06am
"Curved last" = Kidney Bean shoe?

After feeling confused in every shoe store I walk into about what a kidney-bean shaped shoe looks like (they all look like kidney beans), I finally found a term that might help us: "last shape".

I know the word "last" was mentioned in Esther's blog post before, but I've now seen several sites on the internet divide lasts into three different shapes:

- straight

- semi-curved

- curved

Here's three examples of sites using this terminology (found via google images):




So my question for the Gokhale instructors is this: is your mental image of the ideal kidney-bean-shaped shoe closer to the 'curved' or the 'semi-curved' last?  If the line is a bit vague, what do you recommend we do?

Unfortunately, many shoe-shopping sites on the internet don't even let you see the bottom of the shoe.  You can only guess at it

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11/27/2011 - 10:29am

Hi Craig,

You pose a very interesting question and we should all pay more attention to our feet and shoes!  Personally I prefer the semi-curved last- that is what my vision is when I think kidney bean shaped and it works for my feet.  I would caution you about ordering shoes on-line without first checking them out in person.  A good shoe store should have trained staff that really know their products and feet (you'll probably pay more for the superior service).  There isn't a one-size-fit-all (ha!) when it comes to shoe and foot shapes.  Ultimately, you want to find a shoe that supports you and gives you what your feet need (and feel good)- be that in a dress shoe, runner, or walking shoe.  You can't force your foot into a kidney bean shape.  That takes times and effort.  Strengthening tibialis anterior and all those foot muscles that create and maintain the arches of your feet are always a good place to start.  I hope that helps!

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