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Chaco sandals?

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Chaco sandals?
Has anyone seen the Chaco sandals, and do you like them for your feet?

I got a pair a few weeks ago.  I like the thick Vibram sole and how each strap is adjustable.  However, as I walk, the straps do tighten around my big toe.  The clerk told me that once grit gets into the strap area in the sole, the straps won't do that anymore as they will stay in the place I put them.
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09/10/2008 - 8:36pm
I have pair of Chaco sandals too and have experienced exactly the same problem - they pull my big toes over as the straps move around. Several students seem to be very happy with them. Maybe I need to get some grit in mine!

Their slippers are very good, if a little pricey. Nice kidney bean shape last with the arches in the right place.

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Okay, after spending some time yesterday reading reviews of the Zx/2 Unaweep sandal on shoe sites, here are some things to try:

Spray Simply Green (?) on them and scrub.

Wash in machine several times, each time adjusting straps to a different location.  The idea in either instance is to remove the wax from the straps so they'll move less easily.  I scrubbed mine with Dawn dish soap this afternoon in hopes of fixing this.
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