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Chairs that aren't accomodating to stretch sitting or stack sitting

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Chairs that aren't accomodating to stretch sitting or stack sitting
Dear Esther,

  What about chairs in which one can't stretch sit due to the shape of the chair, and one doesn't wish to stack sit because it looks odd in public to be perched on the edge?  Should one bring a fleece jacket along to all events to be able to put in on the back of the chair in some way so one may stretchsit?  Or should I use the fleece as a wedge instead in situations like that?  I guess in some instances I'll just have to look odd (I've had some practice at that in life before!)

For instance, a nice deep theater type seat, or a deep, soft sofa or recliner at a friend's house (or my own).

Thanks for your time.

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14 min 7 sec ago
09/10/2008 - 8:36pm
Hopefully in time we'll all be looking "odd" and it won't be so odd any more!

Having implements along, be they cushions or jackets, is handy given how poorly most chairs are structured.
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13 years 6 months ago
07/11/2009 - 3:45am
Boy, I agree with the lack of 'good' chairs. I travel enough that I have taken to bringing a towel along to use on the plane. I roll it and put a rubber band around it, then try to hang it over the seat so it replicates my car seat towel.
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2 years 10 months ago
06/23/2009 - 2:42pm
I started bringing a yoga mat around with me.  I found that I could usually modify even the worst chairs, like movie theatre chairs or lecture hall chairs.  It served as a fine wedge for stacksitting and if I wanted to stretch sit, I could fold it up thin like a towel and hang it on the top on the chair like a stretch sit cushion.  The rubber yoga mat gave great traction, and it was bulky enough to make up for even deep buckets and all sorts of painful designs. 

People give me weird looks about it, and they always ask excitedly if I am doing yoga -- They get very confused when I tell them that I'm not.  Also, especially with stacksitting, you really stand out in a group of sitting people, as you are going to be taller and farther forward.  This is a bit awkward but it is worth it to me. 
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