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Buying a drafting height chair

Loni Gray
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10 years 12 months ago
05/04/2011 - 6:03pm
Buying a drafting height chair

Hi all,

I need a proper drafting height task chair in my studio and would love some recommendations.(The back of the book mentioned a free download about good office and work chairs, but I can't find it here.)

Being a designer, I sit and stand to work, and often bend forward over a drafting table for close detail work (Old eyes!) I try to stand to work often, but I don't have the muscle endurance and strength yet. (Hooray, I will be going through Esther's 8 session weekend next month. ) I've lifted my computer table up to be the same stool/drafting height as my other tables because I prefer it and can use one chair for all my work areas. Also I can stacksit at the edge with my thighs dropped lower.

Anyone recommend good drafting height chairs? Do they need to be open between back and seat so I can schooch all the way back for stretchsitting or would I do better with a solid one piece to put a wedge? I figure it needs to have all the positioning levers, but would it help if I was to tip the seat down a bit? Would I naturally counter and sit up taller, or counter in a way that isn't good?

thanks for your wisdoms, and if you do have a useful download on buying chairs, please direct me to it -




Sophie Rubin
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5 years 5 months ago
05/03/2016 - 11:39am

Hi Loni, 

Our chair probably doesn't have enough levers for you to work at a drafting table, but take a look at the blog post about making the Gokhale Pain Free chair to get a feel for what Esther thought were essential features in her chair: https://gokhalemethod.com/blog/46448

Beyond that, it just takes a lot of searching. 

For you as a drafter, I would it's more crucial to make sure that you are standing in a healthy fashion, and that you are hiphinging properly over your desk, without letting your head fall too far forward. 

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