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Walking Assistant for Babies? Etc

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4 years 5 months ago
08/01/2014 - 12:23pm
Walking Assistant for Babies? Etc


What should we think of walking assistants for babies? There are two types: one that extends to the baby's crotch, and one that only supports the upper body. I tend to think that the former is less healthy and could perhaps risk slightly tucking the baby's pelvis. The upper body support looks like it might actually help keep the shoulders back.


With lower body support:

Early Steps Walk Harness

Then the latter product. There are other brands, but this is a well-known one it seems.

Walking Wings

I'd like to buy a version of the second soon so any advice is appreciated!

I should add that I find hip-hinging to be very fatiguing so I usually bend very poorly because of this, so this device would be particularly useful for me. People have written that it allows the baby to use his arms for balance as opposed to having his hands held.

Here's a video.


Another question:

It seems obvious that a baby will be better enabled to use his feet to learn to walk by being barefoot. However, we're entering cold weather now and our house is always a bit chilly, especially on the floor. So naturally we cover our baby up well, including socks. What can we do to help him be in touch with or work his feet properly? Socks with rubber on the bottom? Shoes? Overdress him on top and leave his feet bare?! I'm sure my husband would vehemently reject that.

He's nine months old and my husband started walking when he was a year old.