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2 hours 41 min ago
06/15/2009 - 10:59am
Esther, I've had issues with incontinence for years, since having a large baby.  Your book show how correct positioning of the pelvis helps support the organs.  Do you have any other suggestions?

PS As I finally have the courage to talk about this, I'm finding many women are facing this challenge.

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13 min 51 sec ago
09/10/2008 - 8:36pm
Repositioning the pelvis in a truly anteverted position usually does a lot for helping with incontinence. If you have been tucking your pelvis, it can take a while to get the pelvis to settle in a truly anteverted position. It takes a while to locate and relax all the habitual tensions in the lower abdomen and groin area; it also takes a while to develop strength in the glutes. Both are necessary for your pelvis to default to a naturally anteverted position. Until this happens, it is good to use a wedge when sitting and back out of  a little squat when standing to settle the pelvis in as good a position as possible.

I consider sex a really good natural exercise for strengthening the pelvic floor. Also, against a background of pelvic repositioning, a lot of the conventional approaches like Kegel exercises, work a whole lot better than if they are done on their own.
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