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Feel bones when nodding head

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Feel bones when nodding head
Dear Esther,

Last fall I did an exercise program that had me turning my head quickly to the left and right several times.  Since then, I can feel something in my neck rubbing and I can hear a very slight, quiet grating or grinding noise (only when nodding head or bending it down to read a book, for instance).  It never hurts.  On searching the internet the consensus seems to be to not worry about it.  I haven't done that exercise in a few months now and am hoping it will go away. 

I only notice it when I'm sitting well - straight.  I keep thinking you have all the answers when it comes to posture - if you don't know about this, that's okay, I just thought I would ask.  Should I do the neck exercises in your book?  I do the one where my head leans to the L and the R with my hand gently stretching it.

Thanks for your time.
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09/10/2008 - 8:36pm
The gritty sounds coming from your neck are usually bone rubbing against bone. Perhaps the exercise you did (or the speed with which you were taught to do it) was a little threatening to your neck. The body's protective response to such threat is often to tighten up muscles in the area, thus limiting unhealthy movement. Perhaps your neck muscles have gotten used to being in a holding pattern and "trigger points" have formed. In that case, the bones are pulled too close together and grind against each other. Gentle stretching is a good idea. I am partial to acupuncture as a way of resetting neck tension. and of course, work on your structure as you are doing.
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