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Shirts You Can Breathe In

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6 years 8 months ago
11/11/2015 - 7:25am
Shirts You Can Breathe In

This was originally posted by Craig256 in another forum:


Do they make shirts where the cloth is more capacious in the front-and-top rather than behind the shoulders?

As the book mentions, some of our clothes may not fit as well with the new positioning. Whenever I shoulder roll I'm noticing my undershirts and dress shirts feel a bit too tight in the front. My dress shirts in particular not only look but feel ridiculous (it looks like someone’s trying to strangle me with my shirt).

Before I go out shopping for new clothes, I’m wondering if the issue is more about overall size or tailoring. I could go for the next size up, but for all I know those shirts will look equally ridiculous, just larger.

Are there particular styles of clothing or "things to look for" or Gokhale-friendly brands?  Or, do I just have to shop around until someone gets it right?


(I'm aware there's a 'clothing' forum, but whenever I try to post there, the website logs me out)