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Hard seatpan chairs vs soft seatpan chairs

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Hard seatpan chairs vs soft seatpan chairs

Hi Esther,

I work in an office and have some pain issues, so the company has set me up with a sit-to-stand desk (wonderful!) and a new chair (not so wonderful). I can never find a good position in the chair that will last more than a few minutes. It seems that the chair really is too soft, so that my sit bones don't make contact and I start to slump.

I am trying a wood chair where I do get that contact and it feels wonderful. It is not totally ideal, but for the most part I like it better that chairs with a soft seatpan. If I look at people with a more primal posture when sitting, they are all sitting on harder surfaces. What do you think?



Abeja Judy Hummel
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06/12/2012 - 12:49pm

Hello Cristina,

Good of you to notice that the soft chair is causing you to slump.  Without seeing the chairs, I can't tell you if it is the softness or just the structure of the chair that is causing the problem, but if you feel you're slumping, pay attention to that.

Most chairs can be improved, both soft and hard, and for both stretchsitting and stack sitting.  You can review both of those types of sitting in the book and in the free videos on this website.  Either way, you don''t want your seat bucket-ed or your shoulders pushed forward.  If you are stack sitting, you will want to use a firm wedge to create a good pelvic angle (it can be hard, but most people prefer somewhat soft).  

Let me know how you're sitting, or maybe even post some pictures, and I can give more ideas.  Best is if you can get hands on with a teacher.


Abeja Hummel--Gokhale Method Instructor

Boonville, CA, USA

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