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Herniated disk

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5 months 3 weeks ago
12/01/2018 - 9:56pm
Herniated disk

I am 57 years old and have an L5-S1 herniated disk with right side s1 nerve compression and peripheral pain for a year now (and on and off problems previously for 30 years). Sitting and standing and walking produce a huge amount of pain in butt, leg and foot although I can sit/stand/walk for periods of time. I have tingling in leg and foot, and some numbness in foot. 

Currently S1 nerve compression makes lying down the only position I can usually get relief from most pain. At first I could not lift up on my arms in bed but can do that a little bit now.

Epidural steroid Injections worsened symptoms, physical therapy didn’t help except Mckenzie currently maybe helps a little with mobility of waist or it’s just passage of time. gabapentin for months reduced pain some but a lot of bad side effects so I am now being weaned  off that. Taking nabumetone for hand arthritis but it also helps a small amount with nerve. 

I developed a bunionette while walking on side of foot for six months this year while foot was more numb. other problems this year after the nerve compression started include straining psoas muscle, and glute. 

Diagnostic injection in sacroiliac joint recently shows some degenerative changes producing pain radiating a little. I have a history of SI joint getting out of position and pain sitting. 

History includes: 
Knee problems since age 19. 
Plantar fasciitis a few years recently. 
Some mild scoliosis. 
Some other bulging disks but without nerve compression. 
Frozen shoulder but mostly back to range of motion. 
“Loose ligaments”

Surgery is optional and doctors think I would benefit from it. I am not working currently for three months but need to work. Sitting makes working terribly painful. 

It seems to me that posture must be part of my problem although physical therapist said I am sitting correctly. And I think Gokhale would help. But I’m not sure I can do it in my current condition. 

I have attended several free one hour Gokhale workshops but am not clear whether I can physically do the positions and exercises. I don’t want to lie down the whole Gokhale class and not participate in body positioning. 

I am interested in your ideas regarding the following questions: 

Generally speaking, what does a person need to be able to do physically in order to do Gokhale and, conversely, what would preclude a person physically from doing Gokhale generally? 

Thank you.

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08/13/2014 - 3:12pm

Thank you for taking the time to write. In a situation like yours our advice is to meet with a teacher in your area for an Initial Consult. In that session you will learn 2 or 3 techniques to begin using right away to help calm down the pain you are having. Its also a way to determine whether a group class or a private Foundations course would be the best route for you.

The classes are not challenging in the way that an exercise class is challenging but you learn to make alot of small changes in the way that you use you body. Many of our group classes have students in a considerable amount of pain, but I wouldn't advise doing a weekend intensive as you want to give yourself time to practice and to let your body respond to the changes before adding something else.

I hope that there is a teacher close by to where you live and that you give the Gokhale Method a chance. It is an investment in time that has helped many, many people with pain, including myself.

Cynthia Rose, L.Ac.

Gokhale Method Teacher


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