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pudendal nerve compression

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10 years 5 months ago
08/19/2013 - 2:41pm
pudendal nerve compression

Hello Esther,

Has your method been successful for someone with Pudendal Nerve Entrapment or compression?  

I am fused L5/S1 in 1973.  Never realized the stress other vertebrae would take as a result.  Several factors contributed to symptoms that point clearly to this issue:  long period of sitting at computer, straining/constipation.  It is very unbearable to sit and the sensation that there is a foreign object in my rectum never goes away while I am awake.  It lessens after sleep however that is an impractical way to live.  

I believe the body can heal given the tools to do so.  I have watched your CD and have difficult knowing if I am doing the postures correctly. I am a kinetic learner which means I work best with hands-on approach.  Due to distance and cost, I am unable to take sessions with you.

Thank you for any information you can share about how I can proceed.

Cheryl Russell


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21 hours 40 min ago
09/10/2008 - 8:36pm

Dear Cheryl, 

It sounds like you need to modify your baseline pelvic position (after gently working in enough length into your spine). This is not a trivial matter and usually doesn't feel very intuitive (since it's different from what you've gotten used to). Hands on instruction from a qualified posture mentor is extremely helpful (and probably necessary) for this. 

I have spent the last few years developing a team of excellent teachers who teach all over the world. Many of them travel to teach (when there is sufficient demand for their teaching). Please go to our Class Locations page and see if there is a teacher in your vicinity. If not, consider taking an intensive course out of town or do a Skype initial consultation with one of our teachers, or request a class in your town

Good luck!

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