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"Earth" Shoes

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13 years 4 months ago
05/11/2009 - 12:21pm
"Earth" Shoes

I have had good experiences with "Earth" shoes.  I like the arch support, and the two pairs I own (one called "Proper") can actually be worn at my workplace with dresses etc. I think the lower heel has helped reduce back pain.  Thoughts from others?
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2 min 18 sec ago
09/10/2008 - 8:36pm
Heels are interesting. Negative and positive (though not too high) heels can both provide helpful training for good posture.

Positive heels, if not too high, can compensate for tight hamstrings and facilitate pelvic anteversion that might not otherwise be easy or even possible. This then facilitates a healthy hip mobility, one of the reasons heels are associated with a sexy look. High heels are not good you everyone agrees on this. They throw your weight to the ball of your foot and can cause you to sway. Note: Don't wear heels all the time or your hamstrings/calves will adapt to a short length.

Negative heels, as in Earth shoes, help stretch out your hamstrings and calf muscles, which is a good thing that everyone agrees on. If you have very tight hamstrings, it may be too much to have a negative heel, especially all the time. It may be better to wear Earth shoes only some of the time until they feel comfortable. Make sure that wearing Earth shoes is not causing your pelvis to tuck. For the long run, loosening your hamstrings is one of the better things you can do for your back.
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