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Lori Szalay

Contact Information:
[email protected]
Teaching Languages:
Coastal South Carolina
Southern / Coastal Georgia
  • Rick Schaffer: “My pain levels are lower, my energy levels are higher.”
  • Reza Zandieh: "I feel like I'm standing taller"
  • Jeana, Laura, and Yara: "I have learned so much, so much that in the short time I've known Lori I no longer have back pain"
  •  Elisa Ezor, Atlanta, GA
    "I just completed the Gokhale Method Foundations Course and I feel like it has changed my life. Lori Szalay was a great instructor. She was very clear and patient with all of us. I wish I had taken it sooner! I now walk, sit, sleep, stand and bend the correct way to promote a healthy back. The...Read more
  • Ada Shorr; Atlanta, GA
    "I recently completed a Gokhale Method Foundations course taught by Lori Szalay. I have numerous back problems including scoliosis and stenosis and have been dealing with them for 25 years, trying to avoid surgery. Several years ago, one of the physiotherapists I visited suggested that the...Read more
  • Phylis Floyd, Marji Hare, Ginny Halliburton, and Katrina Lowrey "...I really like it, I feel great."
  • Jenny Price, Atlanta, GA
    Before taking the Gokhale Method Foundations Course, I experienced back pain on a daily basis. After sitting at my computer all day at work, I would come home and lay on the floor to relax my back and then start begging for a back rub. Also, during family outings where we were on our feet a lot (...Read more
  • Testimonial for Lori Szalay "I feel more confident in all of my everyday activities."
  • Iqbal Kalla, Dallas, Texas
    "Lori is a great teacher. She's knowledgeable, patient and attentive. I'm doing much better in just two weeks. I stack sit much more than before. Also, with a cushion, it's easy to stack sit on pretty much any chair. I'm just about using all the techniques we discussed. I may...Read more
  • Michael Bazzani, MD
    As a radiologist, I am routinely asked to evaluate xrays, CTs, and MRIs of patients with back pain. Posture and alignment issues are plainly evident on many of these images, and the associated degenerative findings are very common. After surgery, it is common to have patients return for multiple...Read more
  • Rick Brown, Wendy Bransom, Theresa Brown, Candace Barringer, John Huber, "...this is fantastic!"
  • Dana Spotz; Salt Lake City, Utah
    I loved my two day Gokale Method Foundations Course experience! I learned how to sit, stand, and walk in ways that if I continue to apply what was taught, not only will my lower back problems be helped (after the soreness of using new muscles diminishes) but my body image will reflect the form I...Read more
  • Judy Hansen, Salt Lake City, Utah
    I loved your class! It was very complex and very important information to help me heal my years of chronic back pain. I really appreciated how well you broke it all down and helped me take it a small step at a time until it made complete sense and I could do it! I also really loved working with you...Read more
  • Ellen Anderson, Atlanta, GA
    I wanted to tell you how AWESOME the Foundations Course was for me. I cannot imagine a better teacher with more knowledge of the body, fitness, and muscular structure. It was the best money I ever spent and will save me from back surgery! What I learned is life changing, because now I know how to...Read more
  • Susan Barkoff, Atlanta, GA
    I caught a glimpse of myself in a store window and was horrified. I was slumped forward with my head jutting out- a hump in my neck starting to appear. I asked my doctor and others for any suggestions they might have but the only suggestion was to put a broom handle behind my arms to pull back my...Read more
  • Beverly King; Athens, GA
    Having just completed the Foundations Course, I have hope that I can overcome years of poor posture. Lori Szalay explains and demonstrates the positions, but most of all she individually moves our bodies so that we feel the correct positions. She encourages us to practice at home and reminds us...Read more
  • September 2017 Greenville Alumni, "It was just amazing!"
  • Toba Kippen, Atlanta, GA
    I want to thank you for teaching me the Gokhale Method. You were patient, encouraging and exacting. You rehearsed everything with me until you felt that I had mastered every step. You are a great teacher. I am very conscious now in how I sit, stand, bend and walk. Especially when walking, I feel...Read more
  • Janie McCune, Atlanta, GA
    My teacher, Lori Szalay, taught me with the kind of care and interest that can be found only in a person who was once a fellow sufferer. Having helped herself relieve her pain by mastering the Gokhale Method, she has the most genuine faith and knowledge needed to be a wonderful teacher. I...Read more
  • May 2018 Group Testimonial for Lori Szalay "I have hope!"
  • Kay Oppenheimer,  Aiken, SC
    I had two 3 Lesson Sessions a few weeks apart with Lori. After reading about it, and studying the book by Esther Gokhale which explains the method for changing and improving one’s posture, eliminating back pain, I felt I had to have a face to face teacher to truly grasp the concepts. Lori was...Read more
  • Charlotte Lee, Atlanta, GA
    Lori, Just want to say "thank you" again for your good guidance throughout the Foundations Course. It's provided lots of excellent tools that I feel I can now keep getting more and more adept at using as I work on integrating this teaching into my normal life. Thanks for always...Read more
  • November 2018 Group Testimonial for Lori Szalay, "I think the shoulder roll is going to change my life"
  • December 2018 Group Testimonial for Lori Szalay "Lori is an amazing teacher!"
  • Ted Gulick; Atlanta, GA
    A few days after the end of the Foundations Course, I went shopping at Whole Foods and was waiting in the checkout line. All of a sudden I realized, "Oh...I'm standing!" And then I became aware that my weight was centered on the front of my feet. So I shifted the weight to the heels,...Read more
  • David C., Atlanta, GA
    This course was great! Every lesson built on the previous week’s lesson and techniques, making it easy for me to grasp. Lori is patient and a great teacher. She educated me on ways to improve my walking, sitting, standing, bending and even sleeping. The best thing about it was the awareness I...Read more
  • April 2019 Group Testimonial for Lori Szalay, "This is a great class!"


Lori has been empowering people in the wellness industry for 35+ years as a personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, golf fitness specialist, and Gokhale Method teacher. After experiencing back pain which led to surgery, Lori was in search for a solution to help manage her lower back pain so she could get back to her active lifestyle.  She was thrilled to discover the Gokhale Method. 

After implementing the techniques into her life she noticed many positive changes with her body…no lower back pain, sleeping better, breathing better, being able to sit and get up without stiffness or pain, pain-free bending, more energy, walking better and faster, looking leaner/taller and overall feeling healthier.  

Because of the life changing effects she experienced with The Gokhale Method she decided to become a teacher to help others on their journey to a pain-free life.

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