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Testimonials about Sabina Blumauer

My friend recommended Gokhale Method and I was very fortunate to have had learning process with very pleasant, nice, professional teacher Sabina. Classes were perfect and enjoyable. All participants got enough knowledge to start making changes in our lives. I think it's fundamental missing knowledge of modern... Read More

Denis Imsirovic

Just being around Sabina is so inspiring because she is not just teaching about posture, she is living it. She did just a few little adjustments of my body and it brought a huge change. Now I want to keep learning from her or better said my body wants it because it feels sooo good. She is a real expert in the field.

Dušana Kohutová

The Gokhale Elements Course has changed my life. I owe a good part of it to my incredible teacher, Sabina Blumauer  She is beyond knowledgeable, and her patient guidance has directed and inspired me to develop better body awareness, posture, and strength.  I’m on my way to a happier, more conscious... Read More

Terrie Burns