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Tamara Kittelson-Aldred

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[email protected]
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Missoula, MT
  • Joan Baez, Musician and Activist
    Although stunningly simple, the Gokhale Method turns much of the conventional wisdom about pain and posture on its head. Each session gave immediate results, which have affected my life profoundly, and I now look forward to many years of a healthy neck and back......Read more


Tamara is an occupational therapist who specializes in work with individuals who have motor disabilities, in the area of wheelchair seating/mobility and 24-hour posture management. She has scoliosis and over time her curve progressed so that back pain became a daily companion, affecting activities including work where bending and lifting was required. Tamara was introduced to the Gokhale Method when the mother of a young client showed her the book. She worked with the concepts on her own for several years and experienced some relief, but a breakthrough came after taking the Foundations Course in August 2016. Several pain-free days in the first week after the course convinced her that even for a therapist familiar with bodywork, using the book alone is no substitute for taking the course. With no teachers available in Montana, she decided to complete teacher training in order to bring this helpful approach to her home state. Tamara finds that the Gokhale approach of embedding healthy alignment and posture into normal activities resonates well with her occupational therapy background. The Gokhale Method has enabled Tamara to continue gardening, yoga, and other activities and to function well in everyday life.

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