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Quigley Raleigh, M.Ac., L.Ac.

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[email protected]
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Boston, MA
  • Liz Rollins
    Combined with Esther Gokhale's methodology, Quigley's innate understanding of the body, mind, and spirit created a healing experience for my back pain. She helped me with a guiding hand, always honoring my unique challenges. I couldn't be happier with my experience with Quigley —...Read more
  • Nick Nixon
    After years of Pilates, the Alexander Technique, and core strengthening exercises, I still had lower back pain after an hour of walking or standing. It turns out that I had misunderstood what a retroverted pelvis was and was holding myself in a tucked position. In 5 minutes, Quigley corrected me...Read more
  • Joan Northway
    The Gokhale Foundations course with Quigley has given me much hope and confidence. I no longer must quietly accept my condition and continue to watch my world become smaller and smaller. Thanks to Quigley I now feel empowered to begin to make positive changes and I know how to proceed. By taking...Read more
  • Christine Kenney 
    Quigley is very personable, has a great sense of humor, honed in quickly on our individual challenges, and coached us not only physically but emotionally as well. Since taking the course, I feel I have made more progress in one month than in the previous year. Having a real live example of a person...Read more
  • Susan Rogers, Vermont
    Warm, caring and confident, Quigley shares her experience with the Gohkale Method step by step with plenty of review and reinforcement. Highly recommended, both teacher and subject matter.Read more
  • Peter Gregory, Vermont
    I felt being forced to choose three adjectives to describe your teaching on the evaluation form was totally inadequate to do it any justice at all. In addition to presenting the material clearly and giving us an experiential understanding of it, I thought the most impressive quality you brought to...Read more
  • Jan McCleery, retired university faculty member of Exercise Science and Pedagogy
    Quigley, Thank you for being my/our GMF instructor in Bristol, Vermont. It is standard practice to rate pain on a scale of 1-10. I have chosen to evaluate teaching effectiveness on a 10 point scale also. In my opinion you have earned the highest score, a 10, demonstrating competency that exceeds...Read more
  • Beth Cockerham
    I enrolled in a Gokhale Method Foundations class with some trepidation due to a two month struggle with lower back pain that had not completely resolved. Not only did I find myself sitting with the most comfort of recent weeks but also asking Quigley whether the gentle traction I had achieved in a...Read more
  • Sue Delorme; Massachusetts, US
    I have been following The Gokhale method for some time now and decided I needed to take the class in person. I am so happy I found Quigley as she made the class fun and enjoyable and teaching the concepts were easier to grasp in person. My chiropractor of many years saw me lately and wanted to know...Read more


As an acupuncturist in practice since 2000, Quigley has worked with many people to alleviate their pain and increase wellness. Her approach recognizes self care as the foundation of optimal health and personal harmony. 

Having had her own history of low back pain, Quigley discovered the Gokhale Method to be a wonderful tool that restores the physical strength and structural grace we are born to possess. The new-found sense of freedom that comes from being without pain, and the confidence that comes from knowing how to use the body properly to prevent further pain, are of inestimable value. For Quigley it is a great pleasure and an inspiration to teach the Gokhale Method and to help transmit that opportunity for wellbeing to others.

Prior to becoming qualiified as a Gokhale Method teacher, Quigley received a B.A. from Amherst College in Asian Languages and Civilizations and a Master of Acupuncture degree from the New England School of Acupuncture. She maintains a private acupuncture practice in Weymouth, Massachusetts and offers Gokhale Method instruction in the Boston area and elsewhere in New England upon request.

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Hingham, MA

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