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Monisha White

Contact Information:
[email protected]
Teaching Languages:
Palo Alto, CA
Berkeley, CA
  • Susan Giglia, DC; Chiropractic Specialist; Maine
    An opportunity to learn the Gokhale Method from Monisha White is a golden one! As a chiropractor who has practiced and... read more
  • Louise Smith; Belgrade, Maine
    I recently took the six-lesson Foundations Course with Monisha. What a treat! Knowledgeable Monisha presents complex material clearly, competently,... read more
  • Joan Scott; Menlo Park, California
    Monisha was an inspiring instructor, so full of life and enthusiasm and it was contagious! I am most grateful to Monisha sharing her... read more
  • Joanne Moody; principal consultant; Livermore, California
    Prior to the Gokhale Method classes, my lower back pain was not improving with traditional and alternative approaches... read more
  • John Gold; graphic designer; Portland, Maine
    After three days of working with Monisha and the other students in our Portland, Maine, Foundations course, I feel much better... read more
  • Janet Joseph; audiologist; Auburn, Maine
    "8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back" makes sense and were the pieces I needed to help me solve my posture puzzle.  Monisha... read more
  • Kathleen Kaczor; Maine
    I just finished the Gokhale Method Foundations Course and it has been lifechanging. I feel like it's reawakened my body and I just want to thank Monisha for... read more
  • Stacey Guth; Maine
    The Gokhale Method has changed my life for the better as it has done for many others. I was the classic victim of my own poor habits and the well-intentioned... read more
  • Samuele Collu; Berkeley, California
    The Gokhale Method has been a game changer. After years of physical therapy to treat and manage my chronic back pain (four herniated discs... read more
  • Heidi Symonds; health & marketing coach; Portland, Maine
    Three days. Three hours each day.My life forever changed.I took the Gokhale Method Foundations Course with... read more
  • Kelley Giaramita, RN; Turlock, California
    I'm so grateful for Monisha's demonstrations. She taught me how to adjust my body in a way that made the most uncomfortable situation... read more
  • Aida Cucui; Ontario, Canada
    I completed the Gokhale Method Foundations Course online with Monisha and it was a valuable investment in my health and quality of life. I am already... read more
  • Deana Challis; Licensed Massage Therapist; San Luis Obispo, CA
    I took the Gokhale Method corporate Pop-up Course at my workplace about 2 months ago. As a licensed massage therapist for... read more
  • Annissa Deshpande; Founder + Principal, loglab LLC; Los Angeles, CA
     Before I took the Gokhale Method Foundations Course, I experienced pain throughout my body whenever I worked... read more


Monisha’s passion in wellness began with athletics and nutrition. As Esther Gokhale’s youngest daughter, she is fortunate to have grown up with her posture intact and with a deep knowledge of the Gokhale Method philosophy and techniques.

Sports and athletics have played a large role throughout Monisha’s life; she is a national and world champion in Ultimate Frisbee, and she enjoys rock climbing and playing tennis recreationally. Her understanding of posture and body mechanics has contributed to her athletic endeavors and maintaining a happy, healthy body.

Helping people rediscover their primal posture and get out of back pain and other musculoskeletal pain is the most rewarding process Monisha has experienced. Again and again, she has witnessed students return to their sports, instruments, and other passions pain-free after restoring their natural alignment.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Stanford University, Monisha is now working full time for the Gokhale Method Institute, dedicated to helping spread this work to as many people as possible. She teaches primarily in Berkeley and Palo Alto.

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